Nutrition Coach Course

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What You Learn

Anatomy & Physiology

How the body works and how all the body systems interrelate.

Evidence Based Nutrition

Nutrition and it's application to human physiology based on nutritional science.

Food & Health

The application of nutritional science to individual foods and our health.

Recipe Creation & Cookery School

Recipe creation to support health for prevention and management of disease.

Nutrition Coaching

Coaching clients to achieve their health goals on an individual and group basis.

Business, PR & Marketing

Everything to setting up business, finding your niche, photography, video and presentation skills to PR and marketing.

How You Learn

✔︎ Online, anywhere, anytime. Structured plan with flexibility to suit your schedule.

✔︎ Over the course of 12 months with 550 hrs of directed and self directed study.

✔︎ Variable teaching methods; reading material, videos, podcasts, webinars and animations.

✔︎ Assessment by quizzes, case studies, written assignments, recipe creation and practical tasks.

✔︎ Assignments marked by  qualified Nutritional Therapists, with individualised comments and support.

✔︎ Education team give additional support in any matter. No question is too small or irrelevant. 

✔︎ Regular online meetings  to discuss progress, assignments and ask questions.

✔︎ Weekly contact discussing the following 7 days programme, encouraging and motivating you to keep on track with your studies.

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Our Students

"Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in nutrition." Michelle.

"Great information and guidance on how to start up your own business, covers so much and in great detail." Claire.

"So much information to take in but Sano provides it clearly and succinctly so that it can be easily translated into practice." Bryony.

"I was able to fit in the studying into my full-time work life, which was one of my main concerns. " Stefania.

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